Magnificat monthly publication

A few samples of Magnificat Magazine

The Magnificat monthly magazine, published ten times a year, offers a variety of articles that are simple, practical and easy to understand. It also presents biographical notices on the lives of Saints and servants of God. In it you will also find articles on Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Blessed Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph, the Holy Angels, and every subject suited to edify, teach and encourage people who want to walk on the road to heaven. The magazine is abundantly illustrated and easy to read due to the choice of typographical characters.

The enthusiastic testimonies of many readers provide us with ample proof of their interest et satisfaction.

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Annual subscription

A few samples of Magnificat Magazine

The minimum yearly fee for a subscription is:

  • •  12 $ in Canada
  • •  14 $ in the United States
  • •  30 $ USD or 25 Euros in other foreign countries

These rates cover our postal costs. Any additional donation is gratefully accepted, and will help to cover printing and handling costs.

The Magnificat monthly is published in French and in English.

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Issues that are always available

A few samples of Magnificat Magazine

You can obtain individual issues from past years, beginning with the Spring of 1988, when an act of deliberate arson destroyed the warehouse in which Editions Magnificat publications were stocked.

Some of the themes that are treated