Our Mission

Editions Magnificat is a division of the works of the Apostles of Infinite Love of the Order of the Magnificat of the Mother of God, whose particular goal is the preservation of the Deposit of the Faith by religious teaching in all its forms. The religious publications of Editions Magnificat are a means of working toward this goal and exercising an apostolate.

Our print shop

The print shop of Editions Magnificat had its modest beginning in 1963 with whatever we had at hand. Today, we are able to offer an ever growing collection of religious publications of all kinds thanks to the dedication of our Brother printers and our Brothers and Sisters in the composition, translation, photocomposition, assembling and bookbinding departments. It is also thanks to generous benefactors who help by providing us with equipment and material: the paper, ink and other accessories necessary for the operation of the print shop.

Our books

The books published at Editions Magnificat are of the purest Christian and Catholic doctrine, based on the Thought of Jesus Christ expressed in His Holy Gospel and taught by the preaching and the lives of thousands of Saints throughout the ages.

Most of our publications are in French and English, but we also have several works in Spanish and Italian.

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Magnificat magazine

Magnificat magazine, abundantly illustrated and easy to read, offers a variety of religious counsels and instructions that are simple, practical and easy to understand. In it you will find articles on every subject suited to edify, teach and encourage people who want to walk on the road to heaven.

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The Magnificat calendar

We have been publishing the Magnificat religious calendar every year since 1972. It is available in French, English, Spanish and Italian. Its main purpose is to edify people with paintings that illustrate and attract the blessings of God upon the homes and enterprises where it is displayed. Among other things, the donations received from the distribution of our calendar go toward the maintenance of the mother house and of our numerous missions.

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Our wish

Since 1996, the internet has permitted us to reach a larger public spread out in every corner of the globe. We ask the Lord to bless our humble labors so that the publications of Editions Magnificat may reach an ever greater number of souls seeking substantial spiritual food and give them the comfort of the lights of the Christian Faith and the true spirit of the Evangelical Doctrine of Jesus Christ.