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Good Shepherd (s)



2nd Sunday of Advent

Come, then, O Messias, and restore to the world its primitive peace; but remember, we beseech Thee, that it is in the heart of man that harmony has been broken more than elsewhere in Thy creation: cure this heart, enter into possession of this Jerusalem, which Thou lovest, though so unworthy.

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Come, Lord Jesus!

Let us prepare ourselves, through increased prayers and sacrifices, to celebrate in a Christian manner the beautiful feast of the Nativity of the Infant God.

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1st Sunday in Advent

O God, who wast pleased that Thy Word, when the Angel delivered his message, should take flesh in the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary, give ear to our humble petitions, and grant that we who believe Her to be truly the Mother of God, may be helped by Her prayers.

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