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Our Lady of Fatima

Hymn to Our Lady of Fatima

(O.D.M. lyrics)

1. O’er a quiet meadow
The angels did bend:
The Virgin from Heaven
To earth would descend.

Ave, Ave, Ave Maria.

Ave, Ave, Ave Maria.

2. The wisdom of mortals
The great would impress;
The Mother of God
Humble children addressed.

3. Near Fatima children
Their sheep left to graze
When She to Herself drew
Their rapturous gaze.

4. “My children, the wrath of
The Father will smite;
By My Holy Rosary
Aid mankind’s plight.

5. “If Christians do not humbly
Seek out My aid,
The whole world will suffer
The devil’s black rage!

6. “O’er all the earth error
And sin will prevail;
Repair for it: for this
Your penance avails.

7. “My Son’s Arm is heavy;
His Mercy implore;
For humans His teachings
And bounty ignore.”

8. The Sorrowful Mother
The horror untold
Of hell revealed to them,
It’s vision bestowed.

9. “Souls go there, My children,
—O hear Me today—
Because for them no one
Will suffer and pray!

10. “You must offer penance
While invoking Me,
That for sinner’s souls
My Heart may intercede.

11. “Performing the duties
Of each day with love
Is penance acceptable
To God above.”

12. A secret She told them
And to Lucy’s care
Entrusted its burden,
Which now all may share.

13. “A time of great trial
To the Church arrives;
Among themselves Bishops
And cardinals strive.

14. “The world into terror
Will find itself cast,
Until all the punishments
Horrors are past.

15. “Satan’s ancient mastery
Over weak men
Concluding, in faith hearts
Will serve God again.

16. “In Heaven’s salvation
The good will take part,
And share the reign of
My Immaculate Heart!”