The holy season of Lent

The holy season of Lent, which begins on Ash Wednesday and concludes on Easter Sunday, was instituted by the Apostles in imitation of Our Lord’s forty-day fast in the desert…

Good Friday

Meditation for Good Friday. — Jesus accepts the cross. He accepts to suffer for us who reject the cross. We refuse to suffer; we declare suffering unjust, whereas it is pure justice. We would all be lost if Jesus, our Saviour, had refused to suffer for us. We would all be condemned if it were not for the infinite merits acquired by the Holy Passion of Our Lord, and for His infinite mercy.

Holy Thursday

“The Eucharist is Our Lord’s ultimate gift; He instituted it on the eve of His Passion, out of love for us, poor humans, so as not to leave us alone in this valley of tears. It is His testament of love; He made Himself our food. This is when He told us, Greater love than this no one has, that one lay down his life for his friends. Jesus gave His life by His ignominious death on the cross. That was not enough for His Infinite Love: He wanted to make Himself bread in order to abide with us, to feed us with His Flesh, feed us with Himself. This is a mystery of love that we shall never understand on earth, but which is nonetheless very real!”

Holy Week

Holy Week We have now reached the beginning of the Great Week. The Church has done well to lead us to the sacred way of Calvary with serious teachings, great examples, the silence of recollection, the austerities of penance. Without the penance of Lent, without the...

Holy Time of the Passion

The Holy Time of the Passion – With the liturgy of Lent and Passion tide, the Church calls us to the sorrowful way that the divine Savior is to walk from the Garden of Olives to Calvary. First comes Passion Sunday and the preparations for the funeral of the God-Man. The Church is in tears: everything proclaims public mourning… Violet crepe covers the cross, statues, images…