Editions Magnificat : The Acts of the Apostles

The Acts of the Apostles, supplement­ed and continued up to the death of Saint John, with explanatory notes by the Rev. Canon Alfred Weber. Canon Weber writes: “In the Gospels we see the grain of mustard seed fall into the ground where it is buried in scorn, steeped in the Blood of the divine Sower. Its life would seem to have ended, but this small, insignificant seed contained an immortal kernel; in the Acts of the Apostles we see it emerge from the earth filled with the sap of life. A vigorous stem shoots upward… What a wonderful spectacle is presented to us by the history of the early years of the Holy Church! In it we see the fulfillment of Our Lord’s prophecies, and it sets the seal upon His divine Work.”

Saint Louis Mary de Montfort

He fought for Christ. Saint Louis Mary de Montfort knew that he had received the mission to combat the world and the devil, his pomps and his works, in order to establish and extend the reign of Jesus and Mary. He was faithful to this glorious role, and he accomplished it wonderfully. Everywhere he went, people regarded him as the envoy of God and the enemy of Satan.

Saint Joseph, Patron of the Holy Church

The purpose of Pope Leo XIII’s encyclical Quamquam Pluries (August 15, 1889) was to implore divine help by means of prayer, joining to the intercession of Mary that of St. Joseph, that God might be more willing to grant our petitions and that He might aid His Church more promptly and generously. Leo XIII explains why St. Joseph is Patron of the Holy Church.