Saint Joseph, Virginal Spouse of the Mother of God

Never could any man in this world comprehend all the greatness of Joseph. To understand it, one would have to compass the entire extent of the mystery with which his earthly mission put him in relation as a necessary instrument. Thus we are not surprised that this Foster Father of the Son of God was prefigured in the Old Testament under the features of one of the noblest Patriarchs of the chosen people…

Saint Joseph, Patron of the Holy Church

The purpose of Pope Leo XIII’s encyclical Quamquam Pluries (August 15, 1889) was to implore divine help by means of prayer, joining to the intercession of Mary that of St. Joseph, that God might be more willing to grant our petitions and that He might aid His Church more promptly and generously. Leo XIII explains why St. Joseph is Patron of the Holy Church.