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The most beautiful stories...

  • Contrition
  • story0905-Mary Consoler of the captives.

    Their vulnerability and the unjust perseverance of their persecutors in mistreating them made them take a cowardly resolution which would have precipitated them into the ultimate misfortune if God, who is infinite in His mercies and who has compassion on the weaknesses of men, had not pulled them out of this deep abyss by an effect of His omnipotence.

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    story0430-Sinless? – An exception!

    Man being a weak creature of body and soul, no one can without lack of reason and common sense believe himself to be free from sin. Only the Mother of God was preserved from all stain by a special privilege. Every man is a sinner. Those who claim to be without fault are often the greatest sinners.

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    story0716-The loving zeal of a good shepherd.

    Soon the young man forgot the maxims of Christianity, and by dint of accumulating crime after crime, stifled all remorse. He even became the leader of a gang of thieves, and proved to be the most determined and cruel of the group.

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