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The most beautiful stories...

  • Courage
  • story0817-Courage of Sister Rosalie

    It was in her faith, her love for God and her tender devotion to the Blessed Virgin that she drew the heroic strength that made her endure all the hardships, and the superhuman courage that made her insensitive to danger.

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    Oh! answered Vincent, I invoked the good Virgin Mary and I felt wings: She sent me Her angels, because I had to save your life: yesterday you wanted to kill me.

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    story0701-Fruits of reading a good book

    When dinner was not ready, the magistrate became angry with his wife. To calm him down and get him to be patient, she offers him a book to read. The magistrate became even angrier, threw the book on the floor, and became furious with everyone in the house.

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    story0702-Conversion of Ignatius of Loyola

    Wounded, not knowing what to do and bored to death during his convalescence, Ignatius asked for a novel to distract himself. Amadis and other books of chivalry, so profane and dangerous, were famous in those days, and the most honest people delighted in them.

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    story0704-Faith, the sustainer of the martyrs

    As the young man was being led to the place of torture outside the city, his mother, fearing that he would not complete his glorious sacrifice, cried out to him from the ramparts, “My son, remember the living God; arm yourself with constancy and strength; lift your heart high, and look up to Him who reigns in heaven.”

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    story0909-The novelist and the galley slaves.

    We are here only to have practiced your lessons, and to have had them practiced on two or three people; but have you not corrupted thousands of young people? and does not the contagion you have spread make new victims every day?

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    story0114-The obedient child.

    In appearance, they are defeated because they lost their lives when they could have saved them by trampling on the law of God; in reality, they are heroes and therefore victors, who rightly bear the palm of triumph.

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