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The most beautiful stories...

  • Devotion to Mary
  • story0924-Conversion of young Arabs.

    The news of their conversion made a stir; their father came, all boiling with anger, to rebuke them and force them to deny their new faith; but the firmness of the young Christians remained unshakeable, it triumphed over pressure, tenderness and threats alike.

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    story0809-Mary’s promises justified

    These distressing thoughts increased in violence from moment to moment; the Saint was overwhelmed by them, when his good Mother presented herself to him. “Bernard, what are you afraid of?”

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    story0928-The vocation obtained by the august Mary.

    One day, therefore, when he had resolved to attend an all-worldly party, his eyes chanced to fall upon an old book, the first page of which presented him with the powerful prayer composed by St. Bernard: “Remember Thou, O most pious Virgin Mary.”

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    story0905-Mary Consoler of the captives.

    Their vulnerability and the unjust perseverance of their persecutors in mistreating them made them take a cowardly resolution which would have precipitated them into the ultimate misfortune if God, who is infinite in His mercies and who has compassion on the weaknesses of men, had not pulled them out of this deep abyss by an effect of His omnipotence.

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