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  • Examples of prayers
  • story0705-The Gardeners’ Prayer

    What was his astonishment and admiration when he heard her recite this beautiful paraphrase, this equally pious and natural paraphrase of the Dominical Prayer! He confessed that he had never heard anyone pray to God so well.

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    story0729-Persevering prayer

    “Go, replied the bishop, and continue to do what you are doing. For it is impossible that a son, wept over with so many tears, should ever perish.” This word restored confidence to the poor mother, who welcomed it as if it had come from the mouth of God Himself.

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    story0427-The prayer of the dying mother in prison.

    The intercession of Christians for one another is so powerful that Saint James already exhorted Christians “to pray for one another in order to be saved” (James 5:16). It is above all the prayer of a mother for her child that God loves to answer.

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