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Hymns to the Most Blessed Virgin Mary

Sung by the Apostles of Infinite Love

‘Tis the month of our Mother

1. ‘Tis the month of our Mother
The blessed and beautiful days,
When our lips and our spirits,
Are glowing with love and with praise.

All Hail! to Thee, dear Mary,
The guardian of our way;
To the fairest of Queens,
Be the fairest of seasons, sweet May.

2. Oh! what peace to Her children,
Mid sorrows and trials to know,
That the love of their Mother,
Hath ever a solace for woe.

3. And, what joy to the erring,
The sinful and sorrowful soul;
That a trust in Her guidance,
Will lead to a glorious goal.

4. Let us sing then, rejoicing,
That God hath so honored our race,
As to clothe with our nature,
Sweet Mary, the Mother of Grace.

Loving You, Mary,
we gather to pray

Refrain: Loving You, Mary, we gather to pray
For all cold hearts we would make reparation.
You are our hope for true peace among nations.
Mother of God, Mother of man,
Our Blessed Mother of Salvation.

1. From her obscure poverty You have chosen
One whom You knew would show the loyalty
To suffering given and to prayer and repentance
She honors God, for all the world to see.

2. Holding in Your hand the heart cold and stony
Of those who would despise the gift of God
You plead with us, Christians, not in name only
To take with love, what He, His feet have trod.

3. Infant Jesus holding Your loving treasure
Places His tender face close to Your own
He would console our Queen above in Heaven,
Promise a Church restored by Her alone.

4. Come amongst us for a work of salvation
You would bring pardon to each erring soul
Mother, we pledge to achieve reparation,
Loving Your Son, making His Cross our goal.

5. Responding to the Cause favored by Heaven,
Make our hearts fervent, consumed by the fire
Of the great flame, that is Jesus’ own Passion
Infinite Love, be our unique desire.

6. Telling us: “The Truth must be universal
Teach them the way that My Son’s life has shown;
The Father’s Will: Creating a new era
Jesus will reign, make this poor earth His throne.”

7. Mary, You have come to show us salvation.
Make our hearts wholly devoted like Thine,
Detached from all, but the Will of the Father.
Mercy and love make our lives all divine.

8. You have given us Your unchanging Promise
Of triumph for Your Immaculate Heart.
This is our hope: to be like Infant Jesus
Drying Your tears, doing each one his part.