Prayer to Christ the King

“O Jesus, unique King of the world, we are prostrate at Your feet to adore You and to choose You as our King and our Guide. Yes, Lord, to You all the nations are subject. You alone are the true King, You alone are the true Peace, You alone are the Light. We adore You alone! You are our support, Your are our treasure, You are our Master, O great God of Heaven and earth!

“We believe very firmly that You are really present in the Holy Eucharist. You are there, living, loving. You want to nourish us with the Bread of Life. Yes, come and feed Your children. Your eyes are fixed upon souls, You watch over all the nations. Your Heart is a haven of repose for us. Therefore, we consecrate ourselves to Your Heart as King and Prince. To You alone, O Lord, may all glory, honor, love be rendered, till the end of time and throughout eternity. Amen!”

Prayer dictated by Jesus to Sister Mary of Christ the King, July 7, 1927

Jesus, King of Love

Father John Gregory of the Trinity

One day the Pharisees asked Our Lord, “When will the kingdom of God come?” Jesus replied: The kingdom of God comes unawares. They will not say, “Behold, here it is,” or “Behold, there it is.” For behold, the kingdom of God is within you.1

My brothers and sisters, we can possess the King of heaven and earth within us — God almighty, Father, Son and Holy Spirit — with all His infinite riches. The kingdom of God will be established in us if we want it to be. This kingdom, this reign of God “is first of all in our heart by faith, docility to the inspirations of grace and the practice of all the virtues. It extends then over all the earth, and that is the Church, the true kingdom of God. Therefore, it is not to be found here or there, since it is throughout the whole world, and in all souls that let themselves be governed by the divine Will.”2

God is a King of love; He wants to reign over our hearts, all the while leaving them free. He could impose Himself, but He wants to be accepted out of love. People often say: “Why doesn’t God force the wicked to serve Him? Why not strike them down, annihilate them?” God has made us free on earth, and He wants to be freely accepted by His children. It is this loving, voluntary acceptance that glorifies Him.

Take the example of a child to whom his mother would say, “Peter, go and run an errand for me.” The lad grumbles and doesn’t want to go. “If you don’t go, I will punish you!” she adds. So the little boy goes and runs the errand. It is already something that he submits when confronted with a threat. Another says, “Son, would you go and run an errand for me?” and right away the boy says yes and does it. This service is much finer than the first. But suppose a child comes to his mother and says: “Mom, do you need me for anything? Do you have an errand for me to run? I would be really glad to do it for you. I love you a lot, you know!” That service would be far more pleasing to the mother than the two other ones. “How happy we are with that child!” his parents would say. “He is so thoughtful. He is always looking for ways to help us, without our even having to ask.”

That is how God desires to be treated by His children: as a happy Father who is freely served, not a tyrant who has to threaten them in order to be acknowledged and served. Because man was created free, it is freely that each soul should personally enter the program that leads to possession of the kingdom. That program is the Gospel.

My brothers and sisters, if we had faith in the Gospel, nothing would be able to stop us in the fulfillment of this divine program. Why do so few souls achieve that blessed state: possession of the kingdom of heaven? Because faith in the Gospel, the Word of Christ, is not strong enough. That’s what is missing. This blessed state was the portion of the Saints, and they became God’s instruments on earth. When we read their lives, we see how much care they took to conform to the Gospel; we also see all that God did for them and through them. They really made themselves the subjects, the property, the servants of God, totally dedicated to His service, out of love.

God must reign as the Sovereign Master of our entire being. How can we attain this, since our depraved interior being opposes Him? Through spiritual combat, an indispensable combat that we must wage to correct ourselves and adjust to the divine Will. Today, people would like to try to preach that man is naturally good. Certainly there is good in every man, but since the original sin, human beings are depraved; in each person there are tendencies that oppose God. Certain people have to struggle harder than others; cowards willingly give in to their evil inclinations.

If you follow your bad inclinations when you are young, you will have a hard time straightening out later. On the other hand, if when you are young, you adopt the habit of reacting against evil tendencies each time they crop up within you, you will succeed in mastering them more easily. It takes effort, and perseverance in effort. This is what Our Lord wants to teach us when He says, The kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and only the violent bear it away.3 There is a combat to be waged every day, an indispensable combat.

“It’s a hard fight,” you will say. No, it is not as hard as you think. It is a matter of setting to it resolutely and of wanting it — not just once a day, but every moment of the day. If anyone wishes to be My disciple, let him deny himself, take up his cross daily, and follow Me.4 To take up your cross daily certainly means to lovingly accept daily trials, but it also means that we must fight without letup against everything that is detrimental to the work of God in us. To take up our cross we must deny ourselves: deny our pride, our mental imperfections, our sensuality, our defective mentality which opposes the divine plan. That is the cross Our Lord asks us to take up each day. Understanding this point is a great light. As long as we have not understood the fact that we must rectify everything that is defective in us, everything that opposes God’s designs, we impede the establishment of the kingdom of God in our soul.

Our Father, who art in Heaven… Thy kingdom come! May it come first of all in each one of us. Reign over this Order, Lord. Reign over all our homes, reign over each one of Your children. Be the Master and King within us: that is our desire, that is the grace we ask for. And once Your kingdom shall be established within us, make us spread it over all the earth, all the world, so that You alone may reign, and no longer the idols. Give us the strength to extirpate from our lives all that might hinder the establishment of Your perfect kingdom within us, over us. We acclaim You as our King. We want to be Your devoted servants, disposed to do everything for You, O my God. We do not want to count our efforts in the establishment of Your kingdom. Tell us what You expect of us. We promise You to do it, with Your grace. Amen!

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