Let Us Contemplate Our Redeemer

MY brothers and sisters, we are now well into Lent. The very name of Lent might frighten us a little; it makes us think of penance, mortification, fasting, abstinence and all sorts of renouncements – and it does take some…

But what is Lent, really? It is above all a time when we contemplate the manifestation of the love of God for man in a special way.

Jesus was made man. He did not only become a beautiful child. God that He is, still He embraced all the types of suffering: ignominy, contempt, physical sufferings carried to the extreme, sufferings of soul. We can quite easily contemplate the physical sufferings of Jesus because they are visible. But what were the sufferings of soul of this God made man? We cannot measure them; they were immense, infinite, immeasurable.

Why so many sufferings? Jesus, who is God, made all things by His almighty power and directs all things by His Providence; He became a man to immolate Himself and show us the way we must follow. He invites us to enter into His plan. He wants to attract our gaze, our heart to Himself so that we may follow Him on the narrow way to Heaven.

During Lent, we contemplate Jesus in a special way as He voluntarily makes Himself the ransom for sin to expiate our transgressions. Why? Because He wants so much to forgive His children! He offers Himself as security to His Father, because He loves to forgive, to give, because He wants to save us at all costs.

             Father Mathurin of the Mother of God