“Come, Lord, delay no longer.”

“The Lord is nigh, come, let us adore Him.”

“Come, Lord, and save us.”

“O Day-Spring, Brightness of light eternal, and Sun of Justice, come and enlighten them that sit in darkness and in the shadow of death.”

Liturgy for the Season of Advent

Let Us Go to the Manger

For a Christian, Christmas ought to be the ideal occasion to tear himself away from the tumult of the world in order to plunge himself body and soul into the supernatural spirit, and to immerse himself in the great mystery of God being born in utter humility and poverty.

On the contrary, it is unfortunately the spirit of the World that prevails everywhere during the Christmas season.  Even the baptized make of Christmas not a holy Christian feast but a feast of amusement, dancing and worldly gatherings, overindulgence, pride and excessive expenses.

How can we break out of this hustle and bustle, how can we give Christmas back its true meaning?  First of all, by energetically cutting ourselves off from the world, and by going to the Manger at Bethlehem in spirit and in truth.  There the true meaning of Christmas will be revealed to us.  There we will see our God, our King, our Master, our divine Model, in nakedness, humility and suffering, surrounded by the poor, the humble, the littlest ones of the earth.  And in the silence of this contemplation, God will make us feel the absurdity of wild laughter, decorations and festivities which profane Christmas Day.  At the foot of the humble Manger, we will realize that Christmas is the feast of poverty and suffering; then in our mind and heart, there will be ample room for compassion for the fate of the great majority of our brothers in the world who will spend this day sick, hungry, naked and suffering; we will think of famine and war which are tormenting millions of children, of persecution which takes from them even the possibility of sleeping in peace.

Permeated with these very realistic sentiments, it will then be easy to forsake all the non-essentials of worldly, pagan customs in order to receive our God worthily; also, it will be easy for us to spend this day in prayer and sobriety, to get closer, if possible, to the poor and the suffering, convinced that this is how we can best sanctify that day and relish the true joys that Christmas brings.

It is our fervent wish that these few reflections will prompt you, dear brothers and sisters, to change the way you celebrate Christmas, so that it will truly make you go to the Manger and nestle close to this Littleness, who is the Majesty of Heaven come to save us all and teach us how we ought to live here on earth.

We would like to profit from this occasion to thank all those who have collaborated with the Work of the Magnificat by their labors, their prayers, their donations.  We wish all of them, and all men of good will, the Peace, Joy and Sanctity that the Infant Jesus gives.

The Apostles of Infinite Love

Excerpt from the Magnificat Magazine, December 2017, Editions Magnificat

“O God, You willed that, at the message of an Angel, Your Word should take flesh in the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary; grant to Your suppliant people, that we, who believe Her to be truly the Mother of God, may be helped by Her intercession with You.”

“Stir up our hearts, O Lord, to prepare the ways of Your only-begotten Son: that through His coming we may deserve to serve You with purified minds.”

“The Lord will come, and will not tarry, and will bring to light the hidden things of darkness, and will manifest Himself to all the nations, alleluia.”  (S. Paul, I Cor. 4:5)

Liturgy for the Season of Advent