Saint Louis Mary Grignion de Montfort

Doctor of the Church, Prophet and Precursor of the Apostles of the Latter Times

Magnificat Magazine, July-August 2016, Special Edition, 64 pages, numerous illustrations.
Life of Saint Louis Mary de Montfort (1673-1716), Tricentennial of his death

Revue Magnificat Juillet-Août 2016, Vie de saint Louis-Marie de Montfort

Magnificat Magazine July-August 2016, Life of Saint Louis Mary de Montfort

Table of Contents

Childhood and youth …..144
The Jesuits of Rennes …..146
St. Sulpice Seminary …..149
 The Saint’s theological studies – Pitiless scrutiny
A jump ahead in our story …..153
 Fr. Blain opens his heart – Fr. de Montfort’s admirable reply
Priesthood and painful preparation …..156
 St. Clement Seminary
Poitiers General Hospital …..160
 Mystic and organizer
Louise Trichet — Mary Louise of Jesus …..163
 Announcement of the future Community – War breaks out
Return to Paris — La Salpêtrière …..166
 Like Saint Alexis – Mont Valérien
Unexpected news — Return to Poitiers  …..169
The itinerant missionary  …..170
 First companion: Brother Mathurin – A contagious -error – Touching letter of a good shepherd
The great pilgrimage  …..173
Preacher and confessor  …..176
 His hymns – Prayer and sacrifice – A kindhearted -confessor
Missions in Brittany  …..180
 St. Lazare Hermitage
Map of the Missions …..184
Return to Nantes …..185
The Calvary of Pontchâteau …..186
 Acceptance of a Saint
Missions in Luçon and La Rochelle …..192
 The Retreats – Illness and continuation of the retreats – Persecutions and triumphs
In the country …..196
 Sowing the Gospel seed… and miracles
St. Éloi Hermitage — True Devotion to Mary …..200
The Company of Mary …..201
Last illness and death of the Saint …..204

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