“We give You thanks, O Lord, for having given us Mary, this all-powerful Mother.  You have at the same time established Her as Treasurer of all Your riches, all Your goods, the goods of paradise.  She has the key to the treasures of paradise.”

Father John Gregory of the Trinity

May, the Month of our Mother

Our Mother!… what ineffable sweetness there is in those two words! They captivate the soul, they move it with delight down to its innermost depths!… We cannot say them without awakening the most delicate sentiments, without evoking the sweetest memories, without a kind of religion that penetrates you like a sacramental virtue and makes you better.

Our Mother!… what shall we say when these two words bring to mind the Virgin most pure, who gave birth to us at the foot of the bloody cross upon which Her Son was dying?… How can we fathom the mystery of the immense affection which at that moment inundated the Heart of Mary for Her family?… She dominates every human love from such a great height! And that is the torment of the most beautiful souls: that they cannot respond as they would wish to the effusions of the tenderness of such a Mother.

During the blessed days of this beautiful month, we will strive to satisfy this need of our filial piety. We will surround Her beloved image with greenery and flowers, we will make Her a shining crown of lights. Every evening, we will return to the foot of Her altar and mingle our humble voices to the concert of praise which the angelical choirs raise for Her glory, and then we will rest our heart upon Her Heart, imploring Her to teach us how to love Her as She wants to be loved.

In the intimacy of this ravishing contact, we will ask Her to reveal to us the great things that the Lord has done in Her, for Jesus and for us. We will meditate on Her prerogatives and Her grandeurs, we will take pleasure in the contemplation of Her kindliness and Her virtues; we will weep over Her incomparable sorrows, and we will acclaim the power and the glory that surround Her throne in Heaven.

Mary will answer us as only such a good Mother knows how. As She lavishes Her most tender caresses upon us, She will open the rich treasure of Her Heart, and the graces, the favors of choice, which Her love holds in reserve for the elite among Her children, will flow abundantly in our soul.

And when the last hour of this blessed month shall sound, the wonder will be fulfilled. Mary will be able to present us to the Majestic Trinity as the crown, the joy and the glory of Her human maternity. She will say to God the Father: “Bless Your children!”; and to Jesus: “My Son, behold Your brothers!”; and to the Holy Spirit: “Your sanctuaries are ready, dwell in them and keep them for life everlasting!”

Bl. Canon Alfred Weber

Rev. Canon Alfred Weber, Notre Mère ou le Trésor du fervent serviteur de Marie (Œuvre de la Diffusion du Saint Évangile: Verdun, 1911 – 10th ed.), pp. 11-13.