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For the Preservation of the Deposit of the Faith
For the Kingdom of God to come!

Prayer for spouses and parents

Beautiful prayer that asks for all the necessary graces for the family.
My Saviour Jesus, who have indissolubly united us by a great Sacrament, maintain among us the spirit of union and concord, so that we may love one another as You love Your Church; give us the spirit of patience and gentleness, so that we may peacefully bear our faults; arm us with the spirit of prudence and holiness, so that we may always remain within the bounds of our duties, and so that we may do nothing that offends Your eyes, nothing that is contrary to the profound respect due to Your Sacrament. Send us the spirit of wise solicitude and foresight, to provide, according to the rules of justice and charity, for the needs of our family. Preserve us from the spirit of the world and the love of our vanities, so that we may seek only to please You, our God, our love, the true bond of our hearts. Inspire us especially with that true spirit of faith which makes our dwelling place a school of piety and a sanctuary of all virtues. Far be it from us, O my God, far be it from us that our tolerance or our unedifying life should be a cause of ruin for our children. Far from our home, far, far away from it all that would be a stone of scandal, an occasion for sin. O Mary, I commend my poor children to Your maternal heart: be their Mother, form their hearts to virtue. Tender Mother, may they be pious, charitable, always Christian; may their life, full of good works, be crowned by a holy death. May we, O Mary, gather together in Heaven to contemplate Your glory, to celebrate Your blessings and Your love, and to bless You eternally with Your dear Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

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