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For the Preservation of the Deposit of the Faith
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Prayer to obtain a good death

We are all on earth only in passing. One day we will die, and we will have to account for our lives to our Creator. Our eternity will be happy or unhappy, depending on whether or not we have realized the purpose of our life on earth, which is to love, know and serve God. The sincere repentance of our sins and the acceptance of God’s Will can atone for a lifetime of sins.
My God, I know I will die; perhaps I have only a few moments to live. Perhaps I will not get out of the bed where I will lie tonight, so You warn me to enter it as if I were in my tomb. I know, Lord, that at the hour of my death I would like to have lived without sin and to have always loved You. Put me now in these holy dispositions. Yes, my God, I hate sin, I believe all that the Church teaches me, I put all my hope in You, I want to live and die in Your love. I commend to You my soul which has cost You so much, O my God. Do not allow the precious Blood You shed for it to be useless. Blessed Virgin, Mother of my God, my Mother and my Patroness, my good Guardian Angel, my Patron Saint, all the Saints of Paradise, intercede for me, pray for me, during this night, all the time of my life and especially at the hour of my death. Amen.

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