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For the Preservation of the Deposit of the Faith
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To Saint Joseph to obtain an ardent charity

Saint Joseph
Saint Joseph was a soul filled with love for Jesus and Mary. Let us ask him to obtain for us the grace of perfect charity.
O Seraphim of Love, glorious St. Joseph, in all virtues you are great, but in the love of Jesus Christ you are incomparable. Always see Jesus, always think of Jesus, always work for Jesus, always talk about Jesus or with Jesus! Oh, what ardour, what transports of love, must the conversation of this adorable Son have ignited in your soul? Blessed Joseph, we share your happiness, but, alas, we do not share your love. Is it not this same Jesus, this Jesus who is so good, so loving, who comes to unite Himself, heart to heart, with us in the Sacrament of His Love? And yet our hearts feel nothing, say nothing to Him; so much love inspires us neither transport, nor zeal, nor fervour. O Joseph, whom Mary alone surpasses in love, make such a sinister prodigy cease. Jesus can refuse nothing to your tenderness; therefore, ask Him for us, not good health, not the earthly goods, but only His Love and His purest Love. Amen.

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