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For the Preservation of the Deposit of the Faith
For the Kingdom of God to come!

To Saint Joseph to obtain a profound humility

Saint Joseph, the most privileged of men, was also the most humble of all. For this reason God could choose him and achieve great things in his soul.
Faithful imitator of Jesus and Mary, humble Joseph, you who were as lowly in your eyes and in the opinion of men as you are great before God; teach me to be, like you, lowly and humble of heart. Alas, you know it, my sins, after having made me ungrateful to my God, have filled me again with a foolish pride, which is my soul’s greatest wound. O kind Saint, my protector, my Patron and my Father, on this day I ask you for a virtue which is the foundation of all Christian perfection. Obtain for me humility, the grace to know myself and to despise me; obtain for me the grace to seek to please God alone in all my actions. May I, like you, love silence and the hidden life; may I, like you, be forgotten and despised by creatures; may the humiliations and the Cross of Jesus Christ be my share in this world, as they have been yours. O Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I now wish to put all my glory and my delights into humbling myself following your example. Amen.

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