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For the Preservation of the Faith!
May the Kingdom of God Come!


From the Manual of Associates of the Perpetual Rosary (Montreal 1956)

Joyful Mysteries

Offering of the first crown of the Rosary:

Let us pray for the conversion of sinners.

O Mary, You are for all men the Mother of Mercy, You are the sure refuge of sinners; offer to Your divine Son Jesus this Rosary that I am going to pray in Your company, for the conversion of poor sinful souls.  Pray especially for the most hard-hearted, for the persecutors of the Church and of the Vicar of Christ; for those who are blinded by the world, by riches and pleasures.

What joy will fill Your Heart, dear Mother, when You see these poor souls returning to God! The exultation that You felt when You found Your Son, after losing Him for three days, will be renewed when You receive in Your arms these other children, whose loss You are now mourning.

I commend to You in a very special way the sinners of my family; and remember, O good Mother, that my soul is of all, the most miserable and worthy of pity.

O my Sovereign, O my Mother, I give myself to You: keep me always!

First Mystery: The Annunciation of the Archangel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary

Let us ask for the virtue of profound humility.

The Archangel Gabriel announces to Mary that She will become the Mother of God through the operation of the Holy Spirit. The humble Virgin accepts, and the Saviour of men is incarnated in Her chaste womb.
God expected from the Virgin Mary a free consent. At His request, Mary, always perfectly conformed to the Will of God, answers: “Let it be done to Me according to your word!” God also leaves us free to obey Him. He does not for the human will. He wants to be served out of love. How do we use our freedom? Do we use it for our own good or for our own misfortune?
Let us ask for humble submission to God’s will.
I adore You, O eternal Word incarnate in the womb of Mary. I prostrate myself at Your feet with the Archangel Gabriel, O Virgin of Virgins, to honour Your august title of Mother of God. I beg You to unite Your prayers to those of St. Joseph, Your chaste Spouse, to obtain for my greater good to always subject my will to the Will of God.

Second Mystery: The Visitation of Mary to Her Cousin Elizabeth

Let us ask for a generous charity towards all our brethren.

The Virgin Mary visits Her cousin Elizabeth, who will soon give birth to John the Baptist. At Mary’s voice, the child and his mother are sanctified. Praised by Elizabeth, Mary returns glory to the Most High with Her sublime canticle: the Magnificat.
All divine masterpieces are mysteries of humility. Mary replies to Her cousin that the honour bestowed on Her is wholly from God, and that She has no merit for it. Mary was chosen to be the Mother of God because of Her profound humility. Do we always understand that it is only by lowering ourselves in the most sincere humility that we grow in the eyes of God?
Let us ask for humility, the source and root of all virtues.
I adore You, O Jesus living in Mary and visiting John the Baptist to sanctify him. I prostrate myself at Your feet, like St. Elizabeth, O admirable Mother, to proclaim that You are blessed among all women; and I beg You to unite Your prayers to those of St. Joseph, Your faithful companion, in order to obtain for me authentic Christian humility.

Third Mystery: The Birth of Jesus in the stable of Bethlehem

Let us ask for love of poverty and detachment from all passing things.

Jesus, Son of God, is born in a stable! Mary wraps Him in swaddling clothes, lays Him in the manger between two animals. Shepherds from Bethlehem, then Magi from the East, come to adore their Saviour.
Jesus comes to save men. He must be born in a stable because there is no room in the houses of men. He wants to be born in our hearts to save us. Do we always give to God the place He should have in our lives?
Let us ask to love God above all things, and the removal of everything that separates us from Him.
I adore You, O Jesus, born for us in the stable and lying in a manger. I bow down at Your feet, O Mary, with the shepherds and the Magi, to thank You for having given us Jesus. I beg You to unite Your prayers to those of St. Joseph, Your admirable protector, to obtain for me the grace to accept God in my life and to open my heart wide to His Love.

Fourth Mystery: The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple

Let us ask for perfect obedience to every Will of God.

To obey the Law of Moses, Mary and Joseph take Jesus to the temple in Jerusalem and present Him to the Lord. The old man Simeon receives the Divine Child in his arms and celebrates His future glory. He tells Mary that She will suffer greatly: “A sword will pierce Your Heart…”
The Virgin Mary, Immaculate in Her conception, was not obliged to come to the temple “to be purified”. She went there, however, to lovingly obey God’s Law, happy to find in this gesture an opportunity for humility.
Let us ask for perfect obedience to God, the supreme proof of the love we have for Him.
I adore You, O Jesus, presented to the Temple by Mary Your Mother. I prostrate myself at Your feet, O holy Mother of my God, to honor and bless You as the old Simeon did. I beg You to unite Your prayers to those of St. Joseph, Your angelic guardian, to obtain for me the grace to entrust with the greatest confidence all that I love to the protection of God.

Fifth Mystery: The Loss and Recovery of Jesus in the Temple

Let us ask for the grace to seek God’s good pleasure in all our actions.

Jesus, twelve years old, having accompanied His parents to Jerusalem, remained in the temple without their knowledge. After three days of anguish, Mary and Joseph find Him among the Doctors of the Law, who are delighted with His wisdom.
Mary is the Mother of sinners. On this painful occasion, She suffers the anguish, loneliness, and emptiness of the guilty. The sinner loses God. Without God, he has nothing left. Do we understand that mortal sin is the greatest misfortune of our souls?
Let us ask for the grace of sincere repentance for all sinners, our brothers and sisters.
I adore You, O Jesus, found in the Temple by Your divine Mother after three days of absence. I prostrate myself at Your feet, O Mary, refuge of sinners, to ask You forgiveness for having very often forsaken Your service. I beg You to unite Your prayers to those of St. Joseph, Your dear Comforter, to obtain for me the grace of seeking God alone and of never abandoning Him.

"My brothers and sisters, in your comings and goings, pray on your rosary, meditate constantly on the mysteries of the Rosary. As you travel from one place to another, take the opportunity to pray. This is how you will become interior souls, how you will hear the voice of God. We have so much that needs to change. How do we do it? By being inner souls... Let's close our eyes to the earth."

Father John Gregory of the Trinity