3th Centenary of the death of Saint Louis Mary de Montfort

+ April 28, 1716


Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort 03_QCSaint Louis Mary de Montfort knew that he had received the mission to combat the world and the devil, his pomps and his works, in order to establish and extend the reign of Jesus and Mary. He was faithful to this glorious role, and he accomplished it wonderfully. Everywhere he went, people regarded him as the envoy of God and the enemy of Satan.

But while Montfort was armed to fight against hell, hell in its turn waged a terrible war against him. The entire story of this great Saint illustrates the action of the demons, dead set against him. Persecuted everywhere, always calumniated by Jansenists or libertines, expelled from a number of dioceses, forsaken by his best friends, the great missionary of the Virgin and the Rosary never enjoyed the slightest rest.

Saint Louis Mary de Montfort said, “When there was a question of giving a mission somewhere, it seemed that the demons were the first to arrive, in order to hinder it or make it fail. But as soon as I set foot there, I am the stronger. Jesus, Mary and Saint Michael oblige the demons to yield the battlefield to me and fall silent, or at least to attack me only from afar.”

These words show us the power that the great missionary had over the spirit of darkness. He cast him out of all the places in which he proclaimed the word of God. But he had not attained this mastery without suffering terribly at the hands of his enemy.

Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort 09_QC2One day, a fifteen-year-old Brother who accompanied him in a solitude near Poitiers to which he had withdrawn, heard a great commotion several times in the Saint’s room. He relates, “One would have said it was three or four people lunging at one another with extreme violence. In the midst of the tumult, I could distinguish the exclamations of the Saint: ‘I laugh at you! I will always be strong enough with Jesus and Mary! I laugh at you!’”

Although Satan attacked his adversary only from afar, according to Montfort’s expression, he still never stopped pursuing him. Even during Montfort’s last illness, he desperately tried to make him suffer. The Saint had become extremely exhausted. Suddenly he sat up, livid, his face contracted, and spoke to an invisible being: “You attack me in vain; I am between Jesus and Mary: Deo gratias et Mariæ! I have reached the end of my course; it is over, I will sin no more.”

I am between Jesus and Mary! That is the secret of victory. Let us learn it from Saint Louis Mary de Montfort and carefully remember this teaching in order to put it into practice. What have we to fear in Their sweet company? Not only are we surrounded by numerous and powerful hosts of Angels and Saints, but we are under the safeguard of the General and the Generalissima of the heavenly host. If God is for us, who is against us?

The majestic Queen of heaven will put the Angels of Her court at our disposal to protect and guide us. They are pleased to be sent to help Her humble servants. Saint Michael is always happy to receive from Her the mission of hindering the devil’s efforts and of putting him to flight. Let us therefore live “on high,” seeking our arms and our allies in heaven. When Eliseus saw his servant frightened at the sight of numerous enemies, he showed him the multitude of Angels prepared to defend him.

Courage and confidence in the fight! Between Jesus and Mary, we will triumph.

Source: Fr. J. M. Texier, Un mois avec le Bx de Montfort (Pacteau: Luçon, 1915).

Article published in the Magnificat Magazine, April 2010, p. 78