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The most beautiful stories...

  • Saints and Servants of God
    Examples of the Saints, our predecessors - Their teaching
  • story0716-The loving zeal of a good shepherd.

    Soon the young man forgot the maxims of Christianity, and by dint of accumulating crime after crime, stifled all remorse. He even became the leader of a gang of thieves, and proved to be the most determined and cruel of the group.

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    story0809-Mary’s promises justified

    These distressing thoughts increased in violence from moment to moment; the Saint was overwhelmed by them, when his good Mother presented herself to him. “Bernard, what are you afraid of?”

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    story0817-Courage of Sister Rosalie

    It was in her faith, her love for God and her tender devotion to the Blessed Virgin that she drew the heroic strength that made her endure all the hardships, and the superhuman courage that made her insensitive to danger.

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