Sacred Heart of Jesus, Thy kingdom come!



The Sacred Heart of Jesus stands above the Monastery of the Magnificat

In 1989, the Brothers begin to raise the tower for the statue of the Sacred Heart.

Gradually, floors are added.

This floor will hold the bell that rings hours and prayers at the Monastery of the Magnificat.

Installation of the bell in its new belfry.

Installation of the bell in its new belfry.

Pouring concrete on the top floor.

Pouring concrete on the top floor.

Pouring concrete on the top floor.

Levelling of concrete.

Placing the base of the statue of the Sacred Heart.

Preparing to hoist the top part of the Sacred Heart statue.

Lifting the top of the Sacred Heart statue.

Assembling the two parts of the statue of the Sacred Heart.

The morning sun rises over the Sacred Heart.

“When I Am Lifted up from the Earth, I Will Draw All Things to Myself.”  (Jn 12:32)

Statue_Sacré-CoeurIn 1956 the Brothers of the Sacred Heart ordered a monumental statue of the Sacred Heart to be made by the Petrucci-Carli statuary firm of Montreal. Carlo Carli sculpted the model in clay, and the bronze replica was poured in the foundry at Ste. Croix de Lotbinière. The work was concluded within 18 months for a cost of $30,000.

The Sacred Heart, the largest statue ever constructed in Canada, is 22 feet high and weighs 5 1/2 tons. It measures 17 feet from arm to arm; the base is 8 feet in diameter.

The imposing statue was destined to crown the new establishment of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart in Rosemere. On August 24, 1958, Bishop Emilien Frenette of St. Jerome came to bless the building. The statue has been set on the central tower of the edifice several days earlier.

Maison du Sacré-Coeur à Rosemont This monumental Sacred Heart was set 110 feet above ground level and dominated the Rosemere scene for twelve years. But with time, rain infiltrated through the base of the statue and damaged the infrastructure of the central tower, which was in danger of collapsing. The community decided to demolish the two towers beneath the statue, and of course remove the Sacred Heart. The Ruffo Company of Ste. Therese was awarded the demolition contract in 1970 and inherited the statue. Rev. Brother Jean-Pierre Fournier, then director of the Provincial House of the Sacred Heart Brothers in Rosemere, explained that his community did not possess the financial wherewithal to defray the cost of consolidating the tower.


For over a year the statue remained in two sections on the platform used in its transport. Set on the edge of Route 11 near Blainville, it sported a big FOR SALE sign. For lack of buyers, however, it was destined to return to the foundry to be melted down at $0.65 per pound.

Nonetheless, in September 1971, thanks to gifts received from generous donors, this magnificent Sacred Heart became the property of the Apostles of Infinite Love. The statue was placed on the hilltop of the Monastery of the Magnificat at St. Jovite on September 18, 1971, where it presided over community activities for 18 years. During our processions, members of the Order loved to go and pray at the foot of the immense representation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.


We had wanted to erect a throne for our divine Master for several years. The project was started on June 30, 1989, when our Brothers began construction of a belfry. The imposing Sacred Heart was to dominate the monastery from the heights of this structure. On August 11 the statue was taken from its hilltop; the following day it was raised up and set atoBeffroi_du_Sacré-Coeurp the tower. The monastery bell — which has been ringing the Angelus, hours, community offices, baptisms and burials for the past 25 years — was also placed in the belfry, just beneath the statue.

On the feast of the Assumption, August 15, 1989, Father John Gregory presided over the blessing of the new site, which will eventually be completed. We want to thank all the benefactors whose donations allowed us to construct this tower.

From the heights of this pedestal, which stands as a witness to our love and homage of Jesus, may His Sacred Heart reign over the world and grant graces in abundance, especially to all who gaze upon Him.

The Sacred Heart as seen on entering the Monastery of the Magnificat of the Mother of God, St. Jovite.

This article was published in the Magnificat Magazine, September 1989, p. 196-197