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The most beautiful stories...


  • How to avoid it - How to relieve suffering souls - Their gratitude and power
  • Diabolical Possession - How to be freed from evil spells?

    How to avoid it - How to relieve suffering Souls - Their Gratitude and Power

    Examples of Virtues - Contrary Vices

  • Surrender and Trust in God
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Conformity to the Will of God
  • Contrition: Regret for one's faults and a firm intention not to commit them again
  • Fidelity and application
  • Career and Practical Faith - Scientists, artists, musicians, doctors, lawyers, kings, politicians etc.
  • Humility and Simplicity
  • Contempt for the world and detachment from material possessions
  • Forgiveness of offenses
  • Patience and Meekness
  • Sins of the tongue
  • Penance and Mortification
  • Vow and promise: Sacred Duty
  • Saints and Servants of God

  • Examples of the Saints, our Predecessors - Their teaching
  • Revelations

  • Divine Promises - Celestial Messages
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