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The most beautiful stories...


Charming meditation of a humble and simple soul.

Prayer is indispensable to correct one's faults.

Miracles obtained through Prayer and Penance

The most hardened sinners cannot resist the Infinite Love of the Heart of Jesus.

St. John the Apostle brings a lost sinner back into the fold.

Saint Monica obtains the conversion of her son, who becomes the great Saint Augustine.

A mother and her son thank the Blessed Virgin.

A young girl consecrates herself to Satan. The Heart of Jesus delivers her from the diabolical grip.

An assault of prayers obtains the conversion of a sinner in agony.

Miracle obtained by devotion to the Sacred Heart.

An irreducible hatred is transformed into friendship by the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

Condemned to death for abominable crimes, he is converted and dies a predestined man.

Some conversions in extremis.