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The most beautiful stories...

The Holy Mass, the Eucharist

Through the Holy Mass, we give God the greatest possible glory and love.

By attending Mass, one offers to God a sacrifice of infinite value, even without the honor of being a priest. One glorifies Him infinitely, thanks Him worthily, and offers a price that can pay all one's debts.

St. Ambrose of Milan teaches how to behave before the greatest miracle that is performed on the altar.

The Saints were more honored to serve the Mass than to be esteemed by the powerful of the world.

He had promised to attend Mass every day. His fidelity protected him from suicide.

Two pages reap the fruits of their actions

A Christian nobleman receives a hefty fine for attending Mass.

How a whole people protect their Faith from heresy.

The piety of an ignorant shepherdess is the surest guarantee.

Transformation of a child and conversion of his father

Charming example of love for the Eucharist.

Eucharistic devotion of this great Saint.

The love of the Eucharist ensures a wise and prosperous government.

True heroes are Christians.

What makes the happiness or the misfortune of a life.