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Benefits of Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary

The Blessed Virgin Mary appears to St. James and asks him to build a sanctuary in Her honor.

The Virgin Mary covers with Her protection those who take refuge in the places where She is honored.

St. Philip of Neri celebrates the Month of Mary as a means of protecting teenagers.

Great graces obtained by the practice of the Month of Mary.

Prodigious conversion of Hermann Cohen.

Graces of conversion during a sea crossing

A vocation protected and fulfilled by the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Filial love of Saint Rose of Lima

A touching exchange of friendship between the Blessed Virgin and a poor shepherdess.

Since her childhood, she entrusts all her needs to her heavenly Mother and is never disappointed.

The Blessed Virgin Mary never fails in her promises.

A nurse obtains Heaven for a poor patient.

A child is saved from drowning by his Miraculous Medal

An alcoholic atheist is converted before dying.

Our Lady protects the cardinal and converts the assassin.

Three men desecrate a statue of the Mother of God. The justice of God reaches them.

A providential missionary sent by the Blessed Virgin to prepare a young man to die well.

A young girl asks to die rather than be lost to the lures of the world.

A small gesture to honor Mary saves him from certain death

A mother and her son entrust themselves to the protection of the Blessed Virgin who does not disappoint them.

An atheist publicly mocks the devotion of the faithful. A curious visit to one of Her shrines converts him.

The Blessed Virgin answers a prayer made with hatred and despair.

A loving daughter obtains from the Virgin Mary the salvation of her dying father, who was obstinate in evil.

The Blessed Virgin frees a criminal from prison and makes him an exemplary Christian.

If you leave your earthly bride for My love, I Myself will be your bride in Heaven.

Deciding to commit suicide, an invocation to Mary saves his life, body and soul.

An unnatural father throws his son into a furnace. The Blessed Virgin miraculously saves the child.

How sweet it is to die, when one has loved Mary since his youth!

An artist paints the devil defeated by the Queen of Heaven. The devil takes his revenge. But Mary is stronger and saves Her servant.

His confidence is not disappointed. Our Lady saves him from the greatest dangers.

The Blessed Virgin protects a conscript son.

At the prayer of his adoptive father, the Blessed Virgin brings back a child in the path of virtue.

To regain courage, an officer sings canticles to the Blessed Virgin that he composed himself.

The singing of the Litanies converts two libertines who entered the church to mock the faithful.

Conversion obtained by the recitation of a short prayer

In every place and always, the Virgin Mary watches over Her children.

It is not possible for a true servant of Mary to indulge in a criminal life.

The Virgin Mary is quick to answer even the simplest prayer.

The Virgin Mary delivers two women from the captivity of soul and body.

If one loves Mary, one does not want to offend her Son Jesus.

The powerful Mother of God resurrects a child and gives it back to its poor mother.