To St. Joseph, to obtain a love of compassion towards the Child Jesus

Saint Joseph
St. Joseph can obtain for us the contrition of our sins, that is, a sincere sorrow for having offended the good Lord.

O holy patriarch! By the sorrow you have felt, seeing the divine Word, born in a stable in the midst of such great poverty, without fire, without clothes, and hearing Him weeping in cold, I beg you to obtain for me a true sorrow of my sins, by which I was the cause of Jesus’ tears; and, by the consolation you then had in considering the Child Jesus in the manger, so beautiful and charming, so that your heart began to burn with a more ardent love for such a lovable and loving God, obtain for me the grace to love Him also with a great love on earth, so that one day I may possess Him in Heaven. Amen.

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