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For the Preservation of the Deposit of the Faith
For the Kingdom of God to come!

To the Blessed Virgin, our good Angel and Patron Saint

It is good to recite these three short prayers in the morning, to commend ourselves to the protection of the Blessed Virgin, our Guardian Angel and our patron saint.

Blessed Virgin, Mother of God, my Mother and my Patroness, I throw myself with confidence into the arms of Your mercy. Be, Mother of Goodness, my refuge in my needs, my consolation in my sorrows, and my advocate with Your adorable Son, today, every day of my life, and especially at the hour of my death.
Angel of heaven, my faithful and charitable guide, obtain for me to be so docile to your inspirations and to so regulate my steps that I do not deviate in any way from the way of the commandments of my God.
Great Patron Saint whose name I have the honor to bear, protect me, pray for me, that I may serve God as you did on earth, and glorify Him eternally with you in heaven. Amen.

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