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For the Preservation of the Deposit of the Faith
For the Kingdom of God to come!

Tribute of Reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ

Let us console the Heart of our Jesus so offended by men.

Most adorable and most lovable Jesus, always filled with love for us, always touched by our miseries, always pressed with the desire to share with us Your treasures and to give Yourself totally to us; Jesus, my Savior and my God, who, through the excess of the most ardent and prodigious of all loves, put Yourself in the state of a victim in the adorable Eucharist, where You offer Yourself for us as a sacrifice a million times each day, what must be Your feelings in this state, when for all this, You find in the hearts of most men only harshness, forgetfulness, ingratitude and contempt? Was it not enough, O my Savior, to have taken the path that was hardest for You to save us, even though You could show us excessive love at much less cost? Wasn’t it enough to abandon Yourself once to this cruel agony, and to this mortal burden that the horrible image of our sins, with which You were charged, must have caused You? Why do you still want to expose Yourself every day to all the indignities of which the most wicked men and demons were capable? Ah, my God and my all-loving Redeemer, what were the feelings of Your Sacred Heart at the sight of all these ingratitudes and sins? What was the bitterness into which so many sacrileges and so many outrages plunged Your Heart?

Touched with extreme regret for all these indignities, here I am prostrated and annihilated before You to make amends to You, in the eyes of heaven and earth, for all the irreverences and outrages that You have received on our altars, since the institution of this adorable Sacrament. It is with a heart humbled and broken with sorrow that I ask You a thousand and one pardons for all these indignities. What can I not do, O my God, to sprinkle my tears and wash with my blood all the places where Your Sacred Heart has been horribly outraged, and where the marks of Your divine love have been received with such strange contempt? May I not, by some new kind of homage, humiliation and annihilation, make reparation for so many sacrileges and profanations! May I not, for a moment, be the Master of the hearts of all men, to make reparation in some way, by the sacrifice I would make to You, for the forgetfulness and insensitivity of all those who have not wanted to know You, or who, having known You, have loved You so little!

But, oh my lovable Savior, what covers me even more with confusion, what must make me groan even more, is that I myself was among these ungrateful people. My God, who sees the depths of my heart, You know the pain I feel for my ingratitude, and the regret I have to see You treated so unjustly, You know the disposition in which I am to suffer everything and to do everything to make reparation for them. Here I am, Lord, with a heart broken with sorrow, humbled, prostrate, ready to receive from Your hand what You will be pleased to demand of me for the reparation of so many outrages. Strike, Lord, strike, I will bless and kiss a hundred times the hand that will exercise on me such a just punishment. May I be a suitable victim to make reparation for so many insults! May I sprinkle with my blood all the places where Your sacred Body has been dragged along the ground and trampled underfoot! How happy I would be if I could make reparation for so many outrages, so much contempt and so much impiety by means of all possible torments! If I do not deserve this grace, at least accept the true desire that I have for it. Receive, eternal Father, this humble reparation that I am making to You, in union with the one that this Sacred Heart made to You on Calvary, and that Mary Herself offered You at the foot of Her Son’s cross, and in view of the prayer that Her Sacred Heart is making to You, forgive me for so many iniquities and so many irreverences that I have committed, and make effective, by Your grace the will I have and the resolution I make to do everything possible to love ardently and to honor, in every possible way, my Sovereign, my Savior and my Judge, whom I believe to be truly present in the adorable Eucharist, where I intend to show from now on, by the respect with which I will be in His presence, and by my assiduity in pleasing Him, that I believe Him to be truly present. And as I profess to honour His Sacred Heart in a special way, it is also in this same Heart that I want to spend the rest of my life. Grant me the grace I ask of You, to breathe my last in this same Heart at the hour of my death. Amen.

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