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For the Preservation of the Deposit of the Faith!
For the Kingdom of God to come!

Most sweet and most loving Virgin Mary, Most beloved Daughter of the Divine Eternal Father, Most tender Mother of the Divine Eternal Son, Most holy Spouse of the Divine Eternal Spirit, I come to You, O my most loving Mother, to consecrate myself entirely to You. You are the most pure, the most beautiful; You are the Immaculate, and I am nothing but misery, sin, and inclination to evil. You, O Mary, have always made the delights of the Most Holy Trinity; You have ravished the Heart of God, Your Father, Your Spouse, by the immaculate whiteness of Your most holy soul. O Most Compassionate Mother, turn a pitying glance towards this poor soul who is facing the worst temptations, and put the infernal enemy to flight by Your Power. At the moment of his formidable assaults, I will take refuge in Your Immaculate Heart, and You, O Most Merciful Queen of Virgins, preserve my lily pure and present it Yourself to Jesus. My tender Mother, I await You at the hour of my death; from now on, I thank You and I beg You to keep everything in me, so that everything may be pleasing to Jesus. Thank You, O Mary!