When the Holy Spirit, Her Spouse, finds Mary in a soul, He hastens there and enters fully into it. He gives Himself generously to that soul according to the place it has given to His Spouse. One of the main reasons the Holy Spirit does not work striking wonders in souls is that He fails to find in them a sufficiently close union with His faithful and inseparable Spouse Mary.

Saint Louis Mary de Montfort, True Devotion to Mary

With Mary in the Cenacle

The great feast of Pentecost is drawing near. Let us say with the Psalmist: Send forth Thy Spirit and they shall be created, and Thou shalt renew the face of the earth. It seems to us that upon this chaos which the world has become, the Divine Spirit is hovering and spreading His wings. As at the beginning of the world, He hovers above the waters. He asks only to warm up the earth and make it fertile, to reestablish order and peace everywhere. Let us call to Him with all our heart. Let us multiply our prayers and sacrifices. Veni Sancte Spiritus. Come, Holy Ghost, and send down a ray of Your light from above.

But to attract the Holy Spirit, let us imitate the Apostles and disciples of Jesus and withdraw into the Cenacle with Mary. The Cenacle signifies a life of recollection, prayers, holy desires. It informs us that we ought to live united to the Mother of our Saviour in a constant heart-to-heart, to think, love and act like Her, to mingle our supplications with Hers and touch the Heart of God. The Holy Spirit wants to go only where His Spouse can be found. This is why He called Her to the Cenacle in the early Church. He gives Himself to the degree that souls belong to Mary. On Pentecost Day, His gifts were boundless because Mary was there. She dominated, inspired, filled that venerable assembly with Her influence and Her virtues. Never was there a more perfect union between the Virgin and the faithful, never also was there a more abundant diffusion of the gifts of the Holy Ghost. And this presence of Mary and the disciples’ union with Her merited the dew of divine blessings not only upon the pious inhabitants of the Cenacle; they drew down salvation upon the whole world. After Pentecost, the Roman Empire was converted. From the first days, multitudes of Jews requested baptism.

This is a great lesson for us. Pentecost is not a pure remembrance. On this anniversary, the Holy Spirit descends again upon the Church and sanctifies well-disposed souls. Therefore, Pentecost is not limited to one day in the year; it is continual, and it extends to every time and place. The Holy Spirit constantly comes down from Heaven upon the well-disposed faithful, bringing them His grace, stimulating them, inspiring them, bestowing His lights and consolations upon them.

So let us call to Him, but through Mary. Let us show Him the Heart of His Spouse, Her virtues, Her dispositions, Her pure and ardent charity. He will fly to us and fill us with His gifts. But let us not be satisfied with thinking only of ourselves. Let us broaden our horizons and expand our charity. Let us think of the multitude of people who do not believe and do not love; let us see the world delivered over to Satan and perverted by the maxims of hell; let us look upon the nations sitting in the shadow of death and plunged in evil. Let us invite the Holy Spirit to come down and shine in the darkness, enlighten people’s minds and move their wills. Let us not allege that we are not very much, that our virtues and merits are too small for us to be able to charm and determine our God. We are not alone: the Mother of Jesus is with us. She is the One we present, it is Her perfect sanctity that we show to the Lord, it is Her purity, Her humility, Her charity, that we offer to the divine gaze. He might disdain us and not take our imperfect prayers into consideration, but He cannot scorn His Mother’s prayers. Let us think seriously of this. It is the holy prayer of Mary which we appropriate for ourselves, prayer ever loved and ever heard. That prayer is not dead. All that is of Mary lives in the eyes of the Holy Trinity; Her prayer is alive and active; Her prayer, even when presented by us, is always welcome, and it obtains its effects. Let us make it rise up to the throne of God; let us arouse the pity of the Heart of Jesus in favor of the world. Let us implore Him to send the Comforting Spirit to the earth, to destroy the empire of hatred and replace it with the empire of love. There is nothing more apostolic than these holy prayers, especially when we join them to good works and the practice of renouncement.

Fr. Jean-Marie Texier, s.m.m.

Source: Le Règne de Jésus par Marie, May, 1919 (S. Pacteau: Luçon, 1919), p. 65.

This article has been published in the Magnificat Magazine, May 2018, Editions Magnificat, Mont-Tremblant QC, Canada

Novena to the Holy Spirit

The soul of a saint is “a soul in which the Holy Spirit does what He wants,” a soul obedient to the inspirations of grace.  We are going to ask, for each one of us, for the strength to be these souls in whom the Holy Spirit can work at His ease, souls that do not dwell on their little personal advantage, their little contentment. God speaks to souls, He inspires them; but when someone is very busy, totally preoccupied with himself and his satisfactions, he does not hear Him. That is why God cannot do His work in souls that do not fight energetically and perseveringly against their passions.

Father John Gregory of the Trinity, Come Holy Ghost