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For the Preservation of the Deposit of the Faith
For the Kingdom of God to come!

Prayer to the Eternal Father

This prayer was composed by Blessed Melanie Calvat, Messenger of Our Lady of La Salette.
Eternal Father, behold Your Son Jesus Christ crucified for us! In His name and by His merits, have mercy on us poor sinners, because we repent and have recourse to Your infinite mercy. Let Yourself be touched, and have mercy on us for we are His heritage. O Lord, do not violate the covenant You have made: to answer the prayers Your children address to You.It is true that by our great iniquities we have offended Your justice, but You, my God, who are good by nature, let the greatness of Your infinite mercy shine forth. O Lord, if You would heed our iniquities, who could stand before You? Lord, we confess it: we are very guilty and it is our sins that have brought these scourges upon us. But You, Lord, who have willed that every day we call You Our Father, look now at the great affliction of Your children, and spare us from such great calamities. Spare us, my God, by the merits of Jesus Christ, by the love You have for Yourself; by the love of the Virgin Mary “our Mother”, forgive us!Remember, O Lord, that we are called Your people, have mercy on human folly. Send a ray of Your divine light to dispel the darkness of our intelligence, and may our amended souls change their ways and no longer steep the Heart of their God in bitterness!O Lord, only the hand of Your infinite mercy can save us from so many calamities.O Lord, we are reeling with inner and outer afflictions, have mercy on us! Turn away, O Lord, Your face from our sins and look upon Jesus Christ who has given You satisfaction by suffering and dying for us, for He is Your Son! Thus we will celebrate Your infinite mercy.Hasten, Lord, to answer us, otherwise our courage will be much lessened, for we have fallen into such a wretched state! Hasten, Lord, to show us Your mercy, for we have no hope but in You alone, who are our Father, our Creator, and who must preserve and save those who are Yours forever.

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