At the Monastery of the Magnificat and in our public Chapels,
we are happy to welcome souls who wish to share in our prayers.

Where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am in the midst of them.   (Our Lord Jesus Christ, St. Matthew. 18;20)

At the Monastery of the Magnificat of the Mother of God, (Mont-Tremblant) we gather every day in the Chapel of Jesus Crucified for the celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and religious ceremonies.

In the beautiful season of summer, it is at the Podium of Jesus Crucified that we assemble to adore and praise Jesus in the Eucharist, to honour the Immaculate Mother of God and the Saints.

On major religious holidays we express our devotion through processions which lead us from one religious monument to another, praying and singing hymns.

worship service on major religious holidays
Chapelle de Jésus-Crucifié

The Chapel of Jesus Crucified
adorned for the Christmas season.

Crèche à la Chapelle de Jésus-Crucifié

The Nativity scene in the Chapel of Jesus Crucified represents Christmas' great mystery of love: Jesus, Son of God,
who became man to redeem us
and show us the way to heaven.

Jeudi-Saint - Chapelle de Jésus-Crucifié

On Holy Thursday, (the Thursday before Easter) the Church celebrates the Institution of the Holy Eucharist. In an excess of Infinite Love, Jesus makes Himself Host to abide forever with us.

Vendredi-Saint - Chapelle de Jésus-Crucifié

On Good Friday, the Church commemorates the infinite sufferings of Jesus during His Passion and death on the cross. We adore Thee, O Jesus, and we bless Thee, because Thou hast redeemed the world by Thy holy Cross!

Samedi-Saint - Chapelle de Jésus-Crucifié

On Holy Saturday, the Church shares in the infinite sufferings of the Mother of God at the death of Her divine Son. O holy Mother of Sorrows, imprint in my poor heart the wounds of my sweet Savior.

Samedi-Saint - Chemin de croix

Holy Saturday at the Monastery of the Magnificat. -- Meditation on the Way of the Cross on Mount St. Francis.

Pâques - Chapelle de Jésus-Crucifié

On Easter Sunday, the Church
celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus. Glorious Jesus, bring back souls to the life of grace and give them eternal life.

Fête de Notre-Dame de Fatima

13 of May 2017 - The chapel, decorated to celebrate the centenary of Our Lady's apparitions in Fatima.

Messe au Podium de Jésus-Crucifié

During the beautiful season of summer, it is at the Podium of Jesus Crucified that we gather to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and to pray.

Procession traditionnelle

In white festive habits, the procession of the Community: Fathers, Brothers, Sisters, family friends and visitors.

Louange à Dieu dans le décor de la verdoyante nature qu'Il a créée.

Praising God in the lush green setting of nature which He has created out of love for us.

On se rend vers la grande Croix qui rayonne sur le domaine.

The procession heads towards the tall Cross which dominates and glows over the property. Victory! You will reign! O Cross, you will save us!
shine forth over the world that seeks truth...

Salut du Saint-Sacrement

The priest incenses the monstrance during the Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.

2017 - Célébration du centenaire des apparitions de Notre-Dame à Fatima.

2017 - Celebration of the Centennial of Our Lady's apparitions in Fatima.

 Célébration solennelle de la Fête de Saint Michel Archange.

Solemn Celebration of the Feast of Saint Michael the Archangel.

Le prêtre donne la bénédiction avec Jésus-Hostie.

The priest gives the blessing
with Jesus Host.

La Vierge miraculeuse sur la colline, lieu de grâces et de bonheur.

The statue of the miraculous Virgin on the hill, a privileged place of graces and happiness.

Le Sanctuaire des Clés de Saint Pierre.

The Sanctuary of the Keys of St. Peter.
Several small sanctuaries are scattered throughout the grounds, reminding us constantly of our supreme end: God.

administration of the sacrements
Baptême d'un nouveau-né

There are seven sacraments:
1. Baptism
This sacrament erases original sin, makes us Christians, children of God and of the Church and heirs of Heaven.

Confirmation d'un jeune garçon

2. Confirmation
Through this sacrament we receive the Holy Spirit, who gives us the strength to confess our faith without fear, and to lead a holy life in spite of all obstacles.

Première Communion au Monastère

3. Holy Eucharist
This sacrament contains, really and truly, the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, under the appearances of bread and wine.

A priest hears a confession outdoor

4. The Sacrament of Penance
Through this sacrament, God grants forgiveness for sins committed after Baptism. The penitent confesses his sins and the priest forgives him in God's Name.

Visite aux malades

Visit to a sick person, to bring her the comforts of religion and prepare her for the great journey into Eternity.

Derniers sacrements

5. The Extreme Unction
Also known as Sacrament of the sick. Through the anointing and the prayers of the priest, it gives strength to the soul and sometimes to the body, when by sickness or old age one is in danger of death.

Ordination sacerdotale

6. The Sacrament of Holy Orders
It gives priests the power to perform sacred functions, and the grace to exercise them in a saintly manner. The priest has the power to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
and to remit or retain sins.

Consécration épiscopale

Consecration of two new bishops.
Episcopal dignity is the fullness of the priesthood. The Bishop may confer the Sacrament of Confirmation and the Sacrament of Holy Orders.

Consécration épiscopale

At the end of the consecration ceremony, imposition of the miter on the new bishop. More than a dignity, the episcopate is a duty; through the total sacrifice of himself, the Bishop cooperates with Jesus our Redeemer in the salvation of souls.

Bénédiction d'un mariage

7. The Sacrament of Marriage
sanctifies the legitimate alliance of the Christian man and the Christian woman, establishes between them an indissoluble union, and gives them the grace to raise
their children in a Christian manner and to support one another.

retreats, religious instruction, spiritual direction
Prêtres tertiaires en visite au Monastère.

In the guesthouse, reception of tertiary priests visiting the Monastery.

Chapelet des retraitants

The recitation of the rosary
with the retreatants.

Des retraitants

Spiritual reading and religious instruction for retreatants.

Réfectoire des Retraitants et visiteurs

Meals for retreatants and visitors at the guesthouse of the Monastery.

Religieuses affiliées en visite au Monastère.

Through good spiritual talk, the soul is nourished at the same time as the body.

Cours de religion à nos fidèles

Religious instruction to
our congregation.

Groupe de visiteurs au Monastère

A group of visitors
at the Magnificat Monastery

Direction et réconfort spirituel

A good moment of exchange and spiritual words that nourish the soul and give it wings.


High Mass

  • Sunday and Religious Feastdays
    10 am
    High Mass, Homily, Hymns

Spiritual Retreats

  • Book in advance
    In an atmosphere of peace and silence, come and assess your life.
    Experience the happiness of spending long moments in front of Jesus Host.
    Listen to conferences to deepen and strengthen your faith.
    Consult our religious bookstore.
    Leave with renewed ardour and fervour for an intensified supernatural life.