At the Mother House and in many of our missions around the world,
we support those in need with food boxes and other basic necessities.
The House of Bread, in Quebec City, is our most significant distribution center.
Every day, a meal is offered to our beneficiaries.
Once a week a well-stocked box of fruits, vegetables and other food items is prepared.

to all our Benefactors!

Without your assistance, it would be impossible for us to help people in need.
Every day, we offer our prayers for you,
asking God to return in abundant blessings and graces your generosity towards us.

Jésus et Ses Apôtres
I was hungry, and you gave Me to eat;
I was thirsty, and you gave Me to drink;
I was a stranger, and you took Me in;
I was naked, and you clothed Me.... 
Amen I say to you: Whenever you have done it
to one of these least of My brethren, you have done it to Me.
says Jesus in His Gospel.
(Holy Gospel in St. Matthew 25:35-36, 40)
Assisting families and people in difficulty
Préparation des boîtes de nourriture pour les familles.

At the Mother House, preparation of food boxes for families in need.

Préparation des boîtes de nourriture pour les familles.

Thanks to the donations of our benefactors, we in turn are able to offer beautiful fruits and vegetables to people in need.

Transport des boîtes de nourriture pour les familles.

The Fathers help carry the boxes
from the kitchen to the reception.

Organisation des boites

Two nuns get their hands on
the final preparations.

Les boîtes alimentaires prêtes à distribuer.

The nuns at the reception,
ready for distribution.

Les boîtes alimentaires sont distribuées.

There is more happiness in giving than in receiving!  (Acts of the Apostles, 20:35)

Les boîtes alimentaires sont distribuées.

The little word from the heart that gives the courage to continue to face life's trials.

Cueillette d'un don de nourriture

Through benefactors God largely provides for all our needs and those of our protégés.

Cueillette des dons pour la Maison du Pain, Québec

At the House of Bread in Quebec City,
a nun takes a pallet of provisions out of
the truck, a welcome donation from generous benefactors.

Préparation des boites alimentaires pour la Maison du Pain, Québec

In the refrigerated room,
fruits and vegetables are sorted
for the food bank.

Préparation des lunchs pour les itinérants dans la ville de Québec

A volunteer is happy to lend
a hand to the nuns.

Préparation des boites pour les familles dans le besoin

In addition to food support, donation of basic necessities to families.

Preparation of the lunches

Preparation of potato salad,
macaroni or other.

Preparation of the desserts

Preparation of the sandwiches.

Team from Maison du pain, at the Apostles of Infinite Love

At the Quebec City Food Bank,
a group of volunteers with the nuns
in a well earned break!

Préparation des lunchs pour les itinérants dans la ville de Québec

Daily distribution of lunches
prepared with care and love.
God loves a cheerful giver.
(II Corinthians 9:7)

Preparation of hot soup

Preparation of hot meals
much appreciated on winter days.

Préparation des desserts

Hearty hot takeaway meals
for that special Christmas dinner.

Pour les Fêtes: préparation de bonbonnières pour les habitués de la Maison du Pain

For the holidays, we do a little extra
by handing out candy and special treats.

À Québec, la file des habitués de la Maison du Pain

Saturday's long queue for food aid from 9am to 12pm.  A much appreciated helping hand that relieves the weekly budget of many families in difficulty.

Le mot encourageant plus nécessaire encore que la nourriture

Some beneficiaries of the House of Bread, grateful and sympathetic.

Le sourire qui fait oublier la misère

A friendly smile accompanies the meal,
for we don't forget Jesus' words:
What you do to the least of My people,
you do to Me!

Distribution of market bags

Distribution of market bags on Saturdays.
All food is donated by faithful and
generous benefactors.

Distribution of market bags

The gift of food is complemented by words of comfort and encouragement.

Distribution des boites alimentaires à la Maison du Pain

Bread is always popular. God bless our benefactors! Without their help, we wouldn't be able to help so many good people.

Distribution des boites alimentaires aux familles

On days when market bags are distributed to families, the nuns can always count on the dedicated support of volunteers.