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Editions Magnificat

Religious Publications: Books, Pictures, monthly Magnificat Magazine, Calendar, etc.

The little print shop that was initially installed in our Monastery continues to modernize and expand. Currently, several presses and other printing and binding machines are in operation to carry out various religious projects. This considerable body of equipment comes in general from generous donors or enterprises who turn over to us their obsolete presses or other machines at very affordable prices. Sometimes we have to invest a great deal of time, labor and resourcefulness to perform repairs and fine tuning, but everything works out for the best!

Many publications with print runs in the thousands are printed in the Monastery every year:

Composition, illustrations, translations, layout, plate preparation, each stage of printing and assembly: everything is entirely completed by members of the Order and produced in the Monastery. We generally do our own bookbinding, although some generous benefactors do furnish bookbinding of superior quality at modest prices or free of charge.

Photographic overview

Printing the Magnificat Calendar.
“We do not distribute books, pictures and statues in order to make money, but only for the purpose of the apostolate.  What matters is the spiritual influence, the apostolate effected by this means.”
(Father John Gregory)

Artist at work.
“Sacred art exists for one reason only: to inspire and foster piety. Man needs to be reminded of the great supernatural realities, and in this respect, when religious art was authentic, it played a very important role in the Church. But to fulfill its purpose, sacred art must be simple, close to reality. Artistic works must express religious scenes, thoughts, feelings in such a way that they touch the simplest souls.”
(Gregory XVII, Encyclical Peter Speaks to the World)

Religious Art.
“The good Lord has brought us together to do His work... It is not to use our talents and have social relationships, but to be instruments of God.  We have to understand that.  We are God's instruments if we fulfill in detail all that He expects of us with unfailing fidelity to Him at all times.” (Father John Gregory)

Translation and proofreading.
“There remains nothing, nothing, of all that we have done to serve the world and to serve ourselves, but what we do for God is there for all eternity. "Gather treasures in Heaven," said Our Lord, treasures that no thief can take and that cannot be spoiled in any way.”  
(Father John Gregory)

Graphic design and layout.
“The Blessed Virgin says in our Rule that the spirit of this Order is none other than the Spirit of Jesus Christ in oneself and the Spirit of Jesus Christ in souls.  Our role will be to convey the Spirit of Jesus Christ to souls.  That is why it is so important for us to be wholly imbued with it ourselves.”  (Father John Gregory)

Colour adjustment and calibration.
“We are religious to be souls of God, souls of prayer.  It is through our prayer that graces flow.  This is how we realize our vocation.  We must never forget this, and all the apostolate we do is effective as long as there is prayer, as long as we are united to God through prayer.”  
(Father John Gregory)

Final checks.
“Everything we do in the material realm is for the purpose of achieving a spiritual goal.  Even if all the books we print changed only one soul, it would be worth printing them to reach that soul.  If we print a thousand books, and out of a thousand, twenty-five people profit from it, it is worth it.  We must always see things from a supernatural point of view.”  (Father John Gregory)

Brochure printing.
“All is vanity except to love God and to serve Him only. (Imit. of Christ) Fortune, money, fine talent, all is pure vanity. All the finest things of this world are nothing if they do not help lift us up to God, to make us grow in His love. That is why it is so important to perform all our tasks in a supernatural spirit, a spirit of charity and of submission to the holy Will of God, without attaching our heart to anything in this world.”
(Father John Gregory)

Printing of the calendar in French, English, Spanish and Italian.
“In serving God we have great happiness, great joy in this world!  We taste the joy of God's children, the joy of true servants of God.  Let us not think we do too much to deserve this joy, this happiness, this divine friendship which is the highest gift of all.”
(Father John Gregory)

Installation and maintenance.
“God never lets Himself be outdone in generosity. You can be sure that when we give to God with one hand, we receive in the other. When God promised us the hundredfold in this world, it was no figure of speech; it is a reality for everything we give Him.”
(Father John Gregory)

Folding of the Magnificat calendar.
“Those of you who make statues, pictures, religious objects, books, do these tasks in prayer, with much love, if you want graces to be attached to these objects.”
(Father John Gregory)

Stapling of brochures.
“Fidelity in little things is a sign of God's love and fervor in a soul, just as neglect of little things is a sign of lukewarmness.”
(Father John Gregory)

Checking and packing.
“God's friendship is the greatest gift, an eternal gift.
Whoever possesses God possesses everything.”

(Father John Gregory)

“God loves a cheerful giver. He wants generous hearts,
ready to do everything for Him at the slightest sign.”

(Father John Gregory)

Edge trimming of brochures.
“'He that would be My disciple, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me,' Jesus tells us in the Gospel.  To walk in Christ's footsteps, we must know Him, study Him.  The goal of all our meditations is to enter into the knowledge of Christ. The Gospel reveals Christ to us, a lived expression of the Father's Thought; an expression also spoken, since Christ has given us His teaching.  We must follow His teaching in the light of the Gospel.” (Father John Gregory)

Finishing touch.
“I will use the hands You have given me for the performance of holy works. In turn, out of gratitude, I give You this entire being which You have freely given me out of pure goodness.”
(Father John Gregory)

“Anyone who has left everything for My name’s sake, shall receive a hundredfold in this world,”8 says Jesus.  There is a great joy reserved for the servants of God, those who sacrifice everything for Him.  This profound joy is already a reward on earth.”
(Father John Gregory)

Binding and renovation of ancient books.
“Gratitude invites Him to give us more; and of course, the greatest gratitude is to make use of what He gives us, for His glory and to carry out His holy Will. My God, You have given me a healthy body, a good mind. I will put them to use in Your service, with all the strength of my soul.” (Father John Gregory)

Assemblage des folios

Assembling book folios.
“Let us take to heart to sanctify every moment of this poor mortal life that God gives us... These moments are so precious! It will be our joy for all eternity for having made good use of all these little moments spent on earth. Time passes like a dream. Soon we will be at the end of our days and, at this last hour, how happy we will be to have sacrificed our lives for God!”
(Father John Gregory)

Book packaging.
“All the works of the apostolate are ineffective if they are not joined to prayer and penance.  Even if we printed the finest books, that could yield nothing without the grace of God.  And the grace of God comes to us through prayer and penance.”
(Father John Gregory)

Édition et montage audio

Editing and audio mounting.
“The Cross, the Passion of Jesus is His most beautiful title of glory for all eternity. This Cross, on which He suffered so much, has become a glorious trophy. It will be the same for us if we courageously walk in the footsteps of Jesus. All our sorrows, all our sufferings, all that we will have been willing to endure for the love of Jesus, will be for us a subject of eternal joy. Let us not forget this.”
(Father John Gregory)

Laminage des images

Lamination of images.
“We need to stimulate each other. This is the apostolate that we must exercise first of all towards those with whom we live. If we are not apostles with the people of our house, let us not think that we are apostles with the people of the world. That would be an illusion.”
(Father John Gregory)


Serigraphy: Production of flags for our religious ceremonies.
“To endure everything with a smile,
with forgiveness, with patience,
is supreme holiness.”

(Father John Gregory)

“As soon as God shall return to the earth and reign in homes, we will experience sunny days.  It will be the golden age of humanity, because God will have regained His place.  Seek the Kingdom of God, and all the rest shall be given you besides.  The rest means everything we need:  food, clothing, health, happiness.  Everything comes to us if first we have God in our life.  May God have the first place!”
(Father John Gregory)

Sending literature and supplies to our distant missions.
“If we are united with God, accomplishing His will, in every moment of our existence, minute after minute, by immolating ourselves; by fulfilling as perfectly as possible the holy vows of religion that we have pronounced, the grace of God will not fail us.  Say: "My God, I want to give myself to You, and I want to be what You want me to be, with Your grace, I want to fulfill it!”  The grace of God, Brothers, will not fail you!”
(Father John Gregory)