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For the Preservation of the Deposit of the Faith!
For the Kingdom of God to come!

O Mother of Mercy, since You are so compassionate, and since You have such a great desire to do good to us, miserable sinners, and to grant us what we ask You, I, the most miserable of all men, come to implore Your goodness; deign to hear me. Let others ask You for all that they will want, health, goods and temporal advantages; for me, O Mary, I ask You what You yourself wish to find in me, what is most in conformity and most pleasing to Your Most Holy Heart.
You are so humble; obtain for me, therefore, humility and the love of scorn. You have been so patient in the sorrows of this life; obtain for me patience in the adversities. You are so full of love for God; obtain for me the gift of holy and pure love. You are so full of charity for your neighbour; obtain for me charity towards all, especially towards those who are opposed to me. You have always been united to the Will of God; obtain for me complete conformity to all the provisions of Providence which concern me.
In a word, You are the holiest of all creatures; O Mary, make me holy. You do not lack love, You can and You want to procure for me all the goods; the only thing that can prevent me from receiving Your graces is either my negligence in invoking You, or my little trust in Your intercession; But these two essential dispositions, fidelity to invoke You and trust in You, it is You who must obtain them for me, and it is from You that I ask for them, it is from You that I want them, it is from You that I hope for them, and I await them from You with assurance, O Mary, my Mother, my Hope, my Love, my Life, my Refuge, my Help and my Consolation!