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Consecration to Mary

Beautiful consecration to the Virgin Mary, our Mother and Queen, by Saint Francis de Sales. He prays to the Blessed Virgin as a loving child who knows how to get everything from his mother.
I greet You, most sweet Virgin Mary, Mother of God, and You choose me for my dearest mother; I beg You to accept me as Your son and servant; I no longer wish to have any other mother and mistress than You. I beg You, therefore, my good, gracious and sweet Mother, that You may be pleased to remember that I am Your son, that You are very powerful and that I am a poor, vile and weak creature. I also beg You, very sweet and dear Mother, to govern me and defend me in all my actions; for, alas, I am a poor needy and beggar who needs Your holy help and protection. Well then! Blessed Virgin, my sweet Mother, please make me a partaker of Your goods and Your virtues, especially of Your holy Humility, Your excellent Purity and fervent Charity; but above all, grant me: (Here ask for the grace you desire). Do not tell me, gracious Virgin, that You cannot, for Your beloved Son has given You all power both in Heaven and on earth. Neither will You claim that You must not, for You are the Mother common to all the poor children of Adam, and especially mine; so, most sweet Virgin, since You are my Mother and are very powerful, what could excuse You if You did not lend me Your assistance? See, my Mother, that You are obliged to grant me what I ask You and to acquiesce to my groans. Be exalted therefore in Heaven, and, through Your Intercession, make me present with all the goods and graces that please the Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the object of all my love for the present time and for the great eternity.

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