Holy Spirit and His Seven Gifts

Pentecost Sunday

Our Lord laid the foundations of His Church during His public life, and after His Resurrection He gave it the powers necessary for its mission. It was by the Holy Ghost that the Apostles were to be trained and endued with strength from on High.  At Pentecost we celebrate the first manifestation of the Holy Ghost among our Lord’s disciples and the foundation of the Church itself.

During Advent we raised to the Incarnate Word the cry: “Come Lord, and purge the sins of Thy people”; at this season let us, with the Church, say to the Holy Ghost, “Come, O Holy Spirit, and fill the hearts of Thy faithful, and kindle in them the fire of Thy Love”.

Of all ejaculatory prayers, this is the most beautiful and necessary, for from the Holy Ghost, that “sweet Guest of our soul” flows all our supernatural life.

Dom Gaspar Lefebvre, St. Andrew Daily Missal 

Prayer to Mary, Cherished Spouse of the Holy Spirit

O Mary, worthy Spouse of the Holy Spirit and beloved Mother of my soul, who from the first moment of Your existence were adorned with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and made them bear admirable fruits by a constant fidelity and an ever-increasing love, please cast a glance of compassion upon Your child, so poor and unworthy, as I kneel here at Your feet. To my shame and confusion, I admit that by my sins I have often grieved the Holy Spirit and lost the treasure of His Gifts; I have caused the Passion and Death of Your divine Son; I have turned Your motherly Heart into an ocean of bitterness. O Mother of Mercy, I repent with all my heart! Obtain forgiveness for me, and forget all the sorrow I have caused You. I am resolved to give myself to God without reserve.

O Mary, who by Your ardent desires and fervent prayers, long ago drew down the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles, pray to Him for me! By the merit of Your Seven Sorrows, obtain for me the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit, as well as the grace to correspond faithfully to them.

  • Obtain for me the Gift of Fear of the Lord, which will help me to weep the rest of my life over the sins I have committed, and to avoid all that is displeasing to God in the future.
  • Obtain for me the Gift of Piety, which will fill me with a tender confidence and a filial love toward the heavenly Father; which, by its sweet power, will help me to find that the yoke of the Lord is sweet and His burden light.
  • Obtain for me the Gift of Knowledge, which will raise me to God by means of creatures, and teach me the difficult art of using or abstaining from them, according to whether they lead me to my last end or turn me away from it.
  • Obtain for me the Gift of Fortitude, which will enable me to overcome all the temptations of the devil, to accomplish my duties perfectly at all times, and to generously suffer all the tribulations of life.
  • Obtain for me the Gift of Counsel, which will help me to constantly choose the most appropriate means to my final end, and in difficult occasions will help me to discern what I must do to be pleasing to God.
  • Obtain for me the Gift of Understanding, which will reveal to me the splendor of the truths and mysteries of our holy religion.
  • Finally, obtain for me the Gift of Wisdom, which will help me to know where true happiness lies, to have a sound judgment in all things, and to savor God and His most holy will in everything.

O Faithful Virgin, may I never again lose these precious Gifts but, following Your example, may I preserve them and make them bear fruit until my death. O sweet Mother, after allowing myself to be guided by the Holy Spirit in this life, may I receive the joy of being introduced by Him into heaven; so that, in union with You, I may always love and praise the adorable Trinity, to whom be all honor and glory forever and ever. Amen.

Hail Mary…, Glory Be… (seven times)