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For the Preservation of the Deposit of the Faith!
For the Kingdom of God to come!

O Jesus, full of love, who, by Your ineffable virtues and the examples of Your domestic life, have sanctified the Family of Your choice on this earth, deign to turn Your gaze upon ours, prostrated before You to implore Your mercy. Remember that this family belongs to You, for we have offered and consecrated it to You. Assist this family with Your loving kindness, defend it in every peril, help it in its needs, and give it the grace to persevere in imitating Your Holy Family, so that, faithful to serve You and love You here on earth, it may bless You eternally in heaven.
Mary, O most sweet Mother, we have recourse to Your intercession, assured that the divine Son will answer Your prayers.
And you too, glorious Patriarch St. Joseph, help us with your powerful mediation, and offer our vows to Jesus by placing them in the hands of Mary.
Jesus, Mary, Joseph, enlighten us, protect us, save us. Amen.