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For the Preservation of the Deposit of the Faith
For the Kingdom of God to come!

Prayer to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, our Mother and our Mediatrix

Powerful prayer to obtain the help of our good Heavenly Mother in these difficult times.

Maternal Refuge, O Queen of the world and Mediatrix between God and men, Mother of love, sorrow and mercy, consolation and refuge in all our hopes, although Your Heart was broken by so much scorn and so many outrages, You deign to be favorable to us once again. Obtain for us, Your unworthy and ungrateful children, we beseech You with great faith and filial confidence, the grace to be delivered from sin, which kills souls and leads the world to its ruin.

O clement and merciful Mother, we acknowledge that we have crowned with thorns Your divine Son Jesus, our Redeemer, and have torn Your tender Heart with countless wounds. Because of this, we deserve the scourges of divine Justice; but now we repent, and we invoke Your protection and Your aid while taking refuge in Your maternal Heart, sole haven in the whirlwind that is ravaging the world.

With prayer for our own salvation, also kindly accept our fervent petition of reparation for the many offenses committed every hour of the day and night by so many ungrateful children, so that, enlightened and attracted by Your maternal love, they too may find refuge and salvation.

O Mary, Queen of Heaven and earth, Mother of God, our Mother and our Mediatrix, You who are almighty with God and who desire our salvation, in this dark, sorrowful hour which is submerging a miserable, tormented humanity, amid the growing threatening forces of evil, we pray to You with all our faith, bring down the light of Your maternal love upon the whole world, and especially into hearts unfaithful and hardened by sin, so that, all united with one heart in faith and in the love of the divine Heart of Jesus, we may sing over all the earth, the triumph of Your maternal Mercy. Amen.

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