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Singing is praying twice!

Saint Augustine

Be filled with the Spirit; entertain yourselves with psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, singing and praising the Lord with all your heart; give thanks for all things to God the Father, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ...

Saint Paul to the Ephesians 5: 19-20

Hymns of the Christian

Faith of our Fathers

Traditional Hymn by Fr. Frederick William Faber.

In Honor of God

Heart of Jesus, Meek and Mild

To the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Come, Holy Ghost

To honor the Holy Spirit and ask for His graces

Domine non sum dignus - O Lord, I am not worthy

Communion Hymn

Soul of my Saviour

Communion Hymn - Prayer by Saint Ignatius Loyola

O Sacred Head surrounded

To meditate on the Infinite Sufferings of Jesus Christ in His Passion

Holy God, we Praise Thy Name

Hymn to the Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Jesus my Lord, my God, my All!

Hymn of love to Jesus, our Creator and Master

My God, I love Thee!...

Hymn by Father Frederick William Faber

Good Night, Sweet Jesus!

Beautiful Lullaby to Jesus.

Goodnight, Sweet Jesus…

Goodnight, sweet Jesus, guard us in sleep,
Our souls and bodies, in Thy love keep.
Waking or sleeping, keep us in sight,
Dear gentle Saviour, goodnight, goodnight.

Goodnight, dear Jesus,
Goodnight, goodnight.

Goodnight sweet Jesus grant that each day,
Of our lives mortal, thus pass away.
Thy love o’er watching, guiding our right,
Dear gentle Saviour, goodnight, goodnight.

Grant gracious Jesus, when sets the sun,
Of our life earthly and day is done.
That Thou wilt take us to Heaven’s light,
Dear gentle Saviour, Goodnight, goodnight.

Goodnight, sweet Jesus, thanks for Thy loyal love,
And all Thy wondrous gifts showered from above.
Grant us forgiveness, poor sinners in Thy sight;
Dear gentle Saviour, Goodnight, goodnight.

Goodnight, sweet Jesus, watch while we rest in sleep;
Thou art our Shepherd Lord; we are Thy sheep
When we awaken, be Thou our Morning Light,
Dear gentle Saviour, Goodnight, goodnight.

Words and Music by Reverend James Curry

God of Mercy and Compassion

Hymn on the different phases
of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Sweet Sacrament Divine

Communion Hymn

In Honor of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary

O Mary conceived without sin

Invocation to the Immaculate Virgin Mary

Ave Maria of Fatima

Ave Maria! The Heavens were opened...

To the Sorrowful Heart of Mary

Let us console Her Immaculate Heart afflicted by the sins of Her children

Immaculate Mary

Immaculate Mary - performed by The Cathedral Singers

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