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Sacred Heart of Jesus

The confidence we must have in Jesus.

Our Lord once said to St. Catherine of Siena:

“My daughter, sinners who, for the enormity of their crimes, despair of My mercy, believing that I have not enough kindness to forgive them, offend Me more grievously by this one sin, than by all the others they may have committed, for they despise My mercy and kindness, and do it extreme harm, esteeming it less than their offenses, and believing their misfortune to be without remedy. If, on the contrary, they sincerely repented of having displeased Me and had recourse to My divine Heart full of clemency, they would immediately feel the admirable effects and see themselves delivered from their evils, because the mercy of My Heart is infinitely greater than all the sins that have ever been committed, and which can be committed by all imaginable creatures.”

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