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Sacred Heart of Jesus

The Heart of Jesus, a sure refuge in all perils.

A great Servant of God, the good Armelle, expressed herself as follows:

“As soon as some affliction happened to me on the part of creatures, I had recourse to my loving Savior who filled me at first with the greatest consolations. You would have thought that He was afraid that I would have any displeasure, so careful was He to console me in all my sorrows. Most often He showed me His open Heart so that I could hide in it; and I found myself at the same time enclosed in this sacred Heart with such great assurance that all the efforts of hell seemed to me to be real weaknesses, and for a long time I thought that I could find myself nowhere but in this sacred Heart, so that I used to say to my friends: If you want to find me, do not look for me anywhere else but in this Heart of my divine Savior, for I will never leave it day or night; it is my asylum and my place of refuge from all my enemies.”

(Messenger of the Sacred Heart.)

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