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An urgent appeal from Gregory XVIII

(Father Mathurin of the Mother of God)

NOTE: Given the present situation, it is not possible for most people to “spend much time before Jesus Host”. But everyone can go in spirit to the tabernacle and, from his or her home, adore Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament with faith, love and humility, uniting themselves with the Masses celebrated all over the world.
More and more, churches are being closed. Religious services are cancelled throughout the Catholic world. No more Holy Mass, Holy Communion, Sacraments, or confession… I am addressing you, dear brothers and sisters, all the Christians of the world, I ask you to increase the time allotted before the Blessed Sacrament. All those who can, spend time before Jesus. I invite you to a humble prayer. Let each one present himself before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, striking his breast, asking forgiveness for himself and for the Church. Beg forgiveness and adore Jesus Who lives in our midst to come to our help. In the moment when humanity needs Him most, we put Him aside. Compensate, beg for your brothers and sisters on earth. May your prayer be humble. Come before Jesus and tell yourself: “It is my fault if there are so many hardships, (woes) on earth.” It’s not the fault of others. Strike your breast. We are truly guilty. Let us make this humble prayer before God… If we truly serve God, there would be more abundant graces on earth. God is speaking to us through these events. Priests are no longer allowed to minister to the faithful. As for us, let us pray, let us compensate as we strike our breast. Let us give humility, let us give love, let us give God the worship service that is His due. Let us not compare ourselves to others by saying: “We are not like the rest of men.” Jesus tells us very well that by this “prayer”, the Pharisee left the Temple a condemned man. May our prayer be that of the publican. (Gospel in Luke 18:9-14) May all who can, pray before the Blessed Sacrament. May each of us turn to all the sacraments with much more faith and humility than ever before. Above all, may the priests say more Masses, fervent Masses in compensation for the Masses not being said. I invite you to pray with love, fidelity, faith. No comments, no comparisons; not in your words, not even in your mind, nor in your heart. All of you of this community, you will pray with humility to draw down God’s favour. “Forgive us, forgive us, my God! Forgiveness and mercy for us and for all our brothers on earth. Convert us and convert our brothers on earth. O my God, speak to the hearts of Thy children…” Give much time to adoration, as much time as possible. May Saint Joseph, patron of the Holy Church, come to the aid of his children of the earth.