Jesus, Love me well, always!

Jesus, Good Shepherd
God’s Love for us is essentially a gratuitous love, a merciful love, an infinite, unconditional love. He has more happiness in loving us than we have in being loved by Him!…

O Jesus, love me well always… love me in spite of my misery, my weakness, my inconstancy! If You love me, it is not so much to receive from me as to have the pleasure of giving me. And You love all the more as You find more to give. Now, my indigence is an abyss which offers itself to Your magnificent and gratuitous liberalities: fill it with Yourself! Satisfy in me Your hunger and Your thirst for goodness… And I, O Jesus, will benefit from Your gifts with a joy all the greater as I know better how You Yourself feel in loving me in this way and in offering me the gifts of Your exquisite and paternal goodness.
(Sr. Jean-Baptiste, fcsp)