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Prayer of Humility taught by Jesus

Jesus crowned with thorns

(Prayer taught by Jesus to Sister Benigna-Consolata, a Visitandine nun)

My God, my sovereign Love, my All, I, nothing of nothing, nothing good, nothing in virtue, nothing in faithfulness, nothing in correspondence to Your graces, behold, from the deep abyss of my misery, I conjure You, by the abyss of Your mercy, to grant me the grace to know You and to make You known, to love You and to make You loved, to serve You and to make You served, as perfectly as it is possible for a poor creature, and for Your greater glory.

  • “I, says Jesus, assure you that every time a soul pronounces this act with a true feeling of profound humility, it wounds my Heart with an arrow of gold and, from this wound, a torrent of graces overflows for the soul that is the author, and for the Holy Church. This is still the best preparation for Holy Communion, because God communicates Himself to the humble with greater abundance.”

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