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Prayers to Good Saint Anne

Saint Anne
Saint Anne is the Mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the grandmother of Jesus. As a gracious grandmother she is powerful over the heart of her Daughter and her grandson and can obtain for us the graces we need.

O glorious Saint Anne, so kind to all those who invoke you and so full of compassion for all those who suffer, burdened under the weight of my sorrows and anxieties, I throw myself at your feet and beg you to obtain for me from your grandson Jesus, through the intercession of the Most Holy Virgin Mary, your daughter and my Mother, the favour I desire… Do not cease to intercede for me, I implore you. May my request be granted to me by divine mercy. Obtain for me, above all, glorious Saint, to see one day my God face to face, to praise Him, to bless Him, to love Him with you, with Mary and with all the chosen ones, for all eternity. Amen.

O good Saint Anne, I venerate in you the mother of the Queen of heaven and earth and the grandmother of the Redeemer of the world. So I know that your power and goodness are without measure.

Have pity on my poor body, which is constantly besieged by sickness. Deliver me from my infirmities, if it is God’s good pleasure.

Have mercy especially on my soul which is in the grip of the enemies of my salvation. If suffering should be more precious than health, if trials should bring me nearer to Heaven and contribute to the conversion of sinners, I do not ask you to take me away from it. What I implore more ardently than health is joyful resignation to the divine Will over me.

Give me the strength to carry my cross without weakening, following Jesus, the grace to live and die in His love. Amen.

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